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White Knoll Pet Resort - Policies

We sincerely appreciate the trust you have given us to care for your pets. In order to provide the best care possible for all pets entrusted to us, it is important that all clients understand and follow our policies and procedures. Please check that you have read and understood each policy.

Vaccine Requirements - Acknowledgment*
  • All pets shall be vaccinated, by a licensed veterinarian, and up to date on the following vaccines.
  • Dogs:1 or 3 year Distemper/Parvo; 1 or 3 year Rabies; and Bordetella (kennel cough).
  • Cats:1 or 3 year Distemper/Upper Respiratory Combo; 1 or 3 year Rabies.
  • Any Vaccine out of date by more than 30 days will require a 7 day wait period after the vaccine is updated prior to visiting the resort.

I understand that if proof of vaccinations are required in order to make the reservation or appointment.

Consent Time-frame*

My consent and acknowledgments are valid for 12 months from the date of these agreement.

Using our facility denotes acceptance of these policies .

Drop Off & Pick Up Times - Acknowledgment*

Monday – Friday: 8 am -12 pm – 1pm - 6 pm
Saturday: 8am -12 pm – 1pm - 5 pm
Sunday: 4pm - 6 pm

I understand that if I miss my pickup time I will have to wait until the next available pick up time. I am responsible for paying any additional boarding charges that may apply. The holidays may affect drop off and pick-up times. A holiday schedule is posted on our website, www.WhiteKnollVet.com/holiday hours

Boarding Charges - Acknowledgment*

  • I understand that boarding prices are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Boarding rates are charged as follows
  • I understand that I am charged for the day of drop off, regardless of the time. --If I pick up prior to noon (12:00 pm) I will not be charged for that day. --If I pick up after noon (12:00 pm) I will be charged for the full day.
  • (For example, if you drop your pet off on Saturday morning and pick them up on Sunday at 5 pm, you will be charged for 2 days. Further, if you drop off on Saturday morning and pick up at 9 am on Monday morning, you will still only be charged for 2 days.)

Early Pick Up

I understand that if I pick up more than 24 hours prior to the end of my pets reservation, I will be charged for the entire reservation. (For example, if you have reserved a kennel from Jan. 1 - 10 and you pick up on Jan. 6 you will still be charged through Jan. 10.)

Late Cancellation & No Show Policy - Acknowledgment*
  • Overnight Boarding Cancellation Policy
  • I understand that a notice of five business days is required for a boarding cancellation. 50% of scheduled reservation will be due for a late cancellation and 100% of scheduled reservation for boarding no show.
  • I understand that cancellation and no-show fees are necessary because in reserving space for my pet the facility is turning away other boarders interested in the space. The facility consistently has a waiting list for reservations. Proper notification for cancellation gives time to provide the space to another boarder. Additionally, the facility is staffed based on scheduled reservations. I understand that cancellation fees will be added to my account and an invoice will be mailed to me. I understand that failure to pay no-show or cancellation fees will result in my account being sent to collections.
Overnight Boarding Holiday Cancellation Policy (Thanksgiving & Christmas)
  • I understand that a notice of ten business days is required for all reservations in November and December (the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season). I understand that cancellations without proper notification will be charged 50% of the boarding reservation. No shows will be charged 100% of the reservation.
Ingestion of Foreign Objects - Acknowledgment*
  • I understand that the staff at White Knoll Pet Resort takes all reasonable precautions for each pet to avoid the ingestion of foreign objects, however, dog behavior by nature is unpredictable. I understand that White Knoll Pet Resort will not pay for, reimburse, or be held liable for the ingestion of any foreign object. This includes, but is not limited to bedding, rocks, shrubbery, and toys or pieces of toys.
Owner Property & Bedding - Acknowledgment*
  • I understand that White Knoll Pet Resort will not be held responsible for lost or damaged property. (We discourage leaving personal items such as bedding as many pets will mark their property in a kennel type situation).
  • I understand that personal bedding must be labeled with a permanent marker (no tape)
  • I understand that the staff of White Knoll Pet Resort will remove personal bedding if it is being chewed on and replaced with resort bedding. I understand that personal bedding must be washable. If it is not washable, it will not be placed in the kennel.
  • I understand that personal bedding will be washed & dried if there is a water bowl spill or soiling. While personal bedding is being washed, resort bedding will be provided.
Toys & Treats - Acknowledgment*
  • I understand that no toys, bones, rawhide's, or CET treats are allowed in the kennels. They are a choking hazard! Treats, jerky, and biscuits that are consumed immediately are OK and provided per owner request. A stuffed kong is allowed in the kennel during lunch (stuffed with peanut butter or soft food). We will not accept personal kongs, the service must be purchased through White Knoll Pet Resort. This is to avoid us losing your kong by getting it mixed up in our supply.
Medications & Supplements - Acknowledgment*
  • I understand that medications and supplements must be provided in original packaging. Medications or supplements provided in other packaging (i.e. a plastic bag) will not be administered. By signing below, I give my consent and permission for the staff at White Knoll Pet Resort to administer all medications and supplements you, or your agents, provide and list on the boarding or day camp contract. There is an additional daily charge for administering medications.
Prescription Medications - Acknowledgment*
  • I understand that prescription medication must be in a prescription bottle with a current prescription label from a licensed veterinarian. We will administer the medication in accordance with the labeling instructions. We will not administer prescription medication “offlabel”. Prescriptions with altered labels will not be administered.
Consent & Release, Owner of Record*
  • I am the owner of record for the pet(s) above. As such, I am both legally and financially responsible and am authorized to make medical decisions.
Communicable Disease - Acknowledgment and Release*
  • A Communicable Disease is any illness that dogs contract when they commune together. Some common examples include, but are not limited to, kennel cough, conjunctivitis (eye infection), and papillomavirus (mouth warts). Kennel Cough is one of the most common illnesses that dogs contract. There are variations in strains of kennel cough and the current vaccines are not designed to cross-protect against all types. The label descriptions on vaccines do not indicate complete protection from infection or clinical signs. Even if your dog is vaccinated, there is still a risk of them contracting this illness. We require the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine because it is the best practice in protecting your pet, as well as, the other pets in our care.
  • I understand that while White Knoll Pet Resort takes all reasonable steps to avoid communicable diseases, there is still a risk of acquiring a communicable disease while boarding, grooming or day camp. In the event my pet(s) contracts such disease while visiting, I assume all risks and agree to pay the costs of all treatments, exams, diagnostics, and medications. I further agree to hold the owners and staff of White Knoll Pet Resort harmless from expenses incurred for such treatment. Payment, in full, for treatment of any illness is required at pickup.
Group Play Informed Consent*
  • I consent for my dog(s) to participate in group play at White Knoll Pet Resort. I understand that during playtime my dog will be playing in a group with other dogs. Although the staff of White Knoll Pet Resort will closely supervise all group play in strict accordance to the standards and guidelines established by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, I understand and accept that play behavior, unknown or undocumented aggression or participation in routine daily activities can lead to altercations or injuries (including, but not limited to, puncture wounds, scratches, sprains, ACL tear, broken bones, etc.). I further, understand that if my dog(s) is injured during playtime, he/she will be examined and treated by the doctor(s) and staff at White Knoll Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort or another Veterinary facility if necessary . I willingly assume all risks of and responsibility for the costs (including but not limited to professional fees, medications, and diagnostics) to treat any injuries my dog(s) sustains while at White Knoll Pet Resort. I further, understand and accept that the owners and staff of White Knoll Pet Resort will not be held liable for any injuries or death sustained by my dog while under their care. Payment, in full, for treatment of any injury is required at pickup.
  • I understand that for safety purposes any pets over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered to participate in group play.
Day Care Package Refund & Transfer Policy - Acknowledgment*
  • Day care packages or pre-purchased days are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred to pay for other services.
Emergency Release and Medical Treatment – Authorization*
  • I understand that if the need arises medical treatment for my pet will be provided by the doctor(s) and staff of White Knoll Veterinary Hospital or another Veterinary facility if necessary. I consent to all treatments and I agree to pay all costs associated with such treatment. I understand that someone from White Knoll Pet Resort will attempt to notify me at the phone number(s) I provide and that if I, or my agents, cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time I authorize a doctor of this facility to make all medical decisions for my pet.
Intact Males Potential for scrotal irritation/redness/rash - Acknowledgment*
  • I understand that intact (not neutered) male dogs can sometimes develop a rash or irritation on the skin of the scrotum due to the cleaners that are used to keep the resort clean and healthy for all pets. Even after the floors of the resort are cleaned and dried, if the scrotal skin is moist or damp the cleaner can become reactived and upon prolonged contact may irritate the sensitive skin of the scrotal area. I understand that in an effort to lower the risk of irritation, elevated beds are used inside the kennel (additional $3). I understand that while the elevated beds reduce risk for scrotal irrititation, the risk is still present.
Aggressive or Dangerous Pets - Acknowledgment*
  • Owners MUST inform White Knoll Pet Resort if your pet(s) bite, has bitten, or is aggressive to people or other pets. White Knoll Pet Resort reserves the right to terminate services at any time if a pet cannot be safely handled in our facility. If the pet should bite, the owner agrees to be responsible for any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage.
Boarding or Grooming is Stressful for your Pets - Acknowledgment*:
  • I understand that boarding is a stressful event for many pets. No matter how well a pet is taken care of or how much attention is given, they are in an environment that is strange to them with people and other pets that they do not know. I understand that the owners and staff of White Knoll Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort encourages me to consult with my Veterinarian regarding how boarding can be made less stressful for my pet. This may include medications that can be given for anxiety. I understand that stress diarrhea/bloody stool can be quite common in pets that have recently been boarded and groomed. If this persists for more than a few days, I understand that my Veterinarian should be contacted.
Matt Removal – Acknowledgment*
  • I understand that pets with matted coats need extra attention during their grooming session. Matting left in a pets coat only grow tighter, and can strangle the pet's skin, or eventually tear it open. White Knoll Pet Resort does not wish to cause serious or undue stress to your pet, and will not continually de-matting your pet for you. Matting can be very difficult to remove, and may require the pet to be shaved. I understand that when removing a heavily matted coat there are risks, which may include nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles or skin folds trapped in the matting. Heavy matting can also trap moisture and urine near the pet's skin allowing mold, fungus or bacteria to grow, causing skin irritations that existed prior to the grooming process. Torn skin from matting can also harbor maggots. I understand that my pet may experience itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions and failure of the hair to re-grow after removal of heavy matting. Shaved pets are also prone to sunburn and should be kept out of the sun until the hair grows sufficiently to protect the skin. In some cases pets may also exhibit brief behavioral changes. Prevention is the best defense against matting by scheduling regular grooming appointments. I understand that there is an extra charge for dematting .
Grooming No-shows Late pick-up fees & Cancellations
  • I understand that continual no-shows, continual last minute cancellations--(less than 24 hours notice)--or continual re-scheduling are subject to a $50.00 FEE PER PET which will be added to my next ticket or billed to my last known address. We understand there may be emergency situations and will work with you, but not on a continual basis. Please be respectful of our time as we are a byappointment business, and another client could have taken your appointment had we known in advance. Please be on time to pick-up your pet(s). Dogs are to be picked up by 6PM Monday – Friday, Saturday is 5PM on the day of the groom.
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