White Knoll Pet Resort is proud to announce the partnering with Lexington Agility Club as there new group location.

Agility Club Membership is only $50.00 per year

Ken Stabler

Dog Trainer
Ken Stabler was born and raised in Lexington, South Carolina. Dogs have always been a part of life for Ken and his family. He was inspired, in large part, by his uncle who trained dogs for the military, and later, became a K9 trainer and handler for Columbia Police Department. Ken now, not only wants to train dogs, but improve the relationship with them and their people.

In 2006 Ken moved to North Carolina where he became the manager of the Mast Farm Inn where he cared for a variety of animals and plants. Ken’s home soon became home for many rescues including dogs and cats.

His talents were soon recognized by Svalinn protective dog training ranch in Livingston, Montana. After a few months he was promoted to manager of the kennel and training facility where he oversaw the training and care of the dogs. The primary focus was obedience, tracking, protection and agility.

After the loss of his mother, Ken decided to moved back to South Carolina to support his family, especially his father.

He now hopes to use his many years of dog training and care experience to help South Carolina dogs and their families have the best relationship possible.