Paw Park – Now Open 7 Am to 9 Pm

The Paw Park is our newest quality of life feature, dedicated to our 4-legged friends. The 2-acre Paw Park is private property provided by White Knoll Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort LLC, as a community amenity for the enjoyment of our clients and public. We wish to provide our furry companions and their owners a wonderful atmosphere to play, socialize and interact.

Paw Park, Waiver and Release of Liability

By entering the Paw Park, you attest you have read, understand and signed the wavier and release of liabilty form. You also attest you accept and agree to abide by the following set of rules. White Knoll Paw Park reserves the right to refuse service and revoke your membership at any time for any one who does not follow the rules and regulations.

Paw Park – Rules & Regulations

  • All dogs must be current on rabies and other vaccines as required by law – Must provide documentation.
  • Only spayed and neutered dogs allowed on park grounds – Must provide documentation.
  • All dogs must be supervised at all times, do not leave your dog unattended at the park.
  • All dog owners must possess collars, leashes, and the ability to adequately restrain their dogs.
  • Inside the park, dogs may be off leash but under voice control at all times.
  • Puppies less than 4 months of age are not allowed in the park for their own protection.
  • Only training treats allowed inside the park. No human food allowed.
  • Dog owners are liable for all injuries or damages caused by their dogs.
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed inside the park.
  • If your dog starts to act aggressively towards others, you must remove the dog from the park.
  • Children 10 and under are not allowed inside the park.
  • Do not leave the dog park gates open.
  • Watch for other dogs entering and leaving the park so that none can run away.
  • Do not bring a sick dog to the park.
  • Dogs are not allowed to chase people.
  • Shoes must be worn by humans while on park grounds.
  • No glass containers on park grounds.
  • No smoking on park grounds.
  • Do not touch any dog that does not belong to you without permission.
  • Do not allow your dog to mount another dog even in play.
  • No digging is allowed and any damage must be rectified by the owner.
  • Only registered dogs and their owners (18+) are permitted within the park.
  • Members may not bring canine guests into the dog park or share combination.
  • 3 dogs per household are permitted within the park at one time maximum).
  • Members may not bring canine guests into the dog park or share combination.
  • Owners are responsible for disposal of their dog’s waste – Please use the receptacles provided.



1st Dog $30
Additional Dogs in same household $15
No Cost for Pets who receive Annual Wellness Care including all necessary vaccines at WKVH.


  • Membership run by calendar year January 1 – December 31.
  • We do not offer prorated fees or refunds
  • Household may register up to 5 dogs (maximum).
  • Each dog is required to be registered – Only 3 dogs allowed in park at one time per household (maximum).
  • If your dog is involved in a fight (not rough play) – take your dog home. You should leave immediately because your dog is likely overly excited and may return to the fight or start a new one. Come back later or the next day, but give your canine a chance to calm down, off site. Before you leave, check your dog and speak to owners of other dogs involved to be sure there are no injuries. If injury occurs, file an Incident Report immediately with the Lexington County Sheriff Department, if after normal business hours at 803-785-8230.